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I paid my husband $750 for a divorce over forty years ago. I find out that I am not divorced

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I want my $ 750.00 back with interest and I want him to get a divorce. He remarried and now he said that he is divorced from his second wife. This man is a Clergyman for one of the largest College in the US. Once I informed him of this matter he has not contacted me.

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Go visit a local divorce attorney to discuss this dilemma . There is nothing we can do to help you on here. You would not pay your husband for a divorce you would pay a lawyer. If you are not divorced and want to be you must file for divorce against him and have him served. His own actions over the ast forty years really have no relevance to you and your life.

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You need to file for a divorce. The statute of limitations would have long ago passed for any recovery of the $750.

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Contact a divorce attorney asap.

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I agree with all previous answers. The statute of limitations on the $750 passed at least 37 years ago. Further, even if it hadn't you would have a hard time showing that the agreement was to pay $750.00 for a divorce. And finally, if I were wrong about the above and you can't get interest unless you had a written agreement with a provision that allowed interest if he didn't pay for the divorce.

Call a divorce attorney in your area and get a quick divorce. Take solace in knowing that his "second" marriage was illegal if you were never legally divorced.