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I paid for 3 acres about 15 years ago from my dad, but he still will not give me a deed or title to the land what can i do.

Jonesville, MI |

what i want to know is what rights do i have to the land. Because he likes to hold it over my head that he still owns the land, and no i have not paid any taxes on the land, because i can't see paying for whats not mine.

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For some reason, your question was duplicated. Please refer to my other answer. I think you have a mess and may need an attorney to straighten this out.

James Frederick

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Actually it wasn't duplicated, I had not remembered to add the fact that i have a signed land contract. I is signed by both of my parents and notorised.


Your question has far too many missing facts. land have house or vacant? if house, occupied? why did so much time go by?
Main problem will be statute of frauds if there is no written agreement for the sale of land. Even if you have a writing the statute of limitations is 6 years from the date of the breach. You're probably out of luck so be nice to your dad and he'll soften up. or not.

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A most excellent attorney right there on Chicago St. in Jonesville. I suggest you make an appointment with her for a brief consult. Bring any paperwork, if you have it.

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