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I paid $2500 to an attorney to file chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy but changed my mind. What portion of refund am I eligible?

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Is it legal to keep money for services not rendered/ I requested a detailed statement & was told during a conference call one would be mailed. That was in June, to date he has NOT returned my phone calls OR any $$. Is it ethical to do business that way. I have a receipt for the $2500 (I paid cash) but it does not detail the transaction. I need the money & don't appreciate the avoidance. What recourse do I have?

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It depends upon your retainer agreement; I hope you have one. If there is a problem of collection, you could resort to a small claims court, if this type of debt is eligible for treatment in such a court.


I would suspect that the attorney made you sign some kind of agreement. Often times with flat fee services there may be a clause in the agreement that if you should change your mind and want a refund of your money the attorney then does an hourly accounting. If you do get in touch with him I would suggest that you ask for an itemized list of expenses. Should they seem exorbitant or he continues to avoid you, you may consider contacting your local state bar.

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I mostly agree with the answers of my colleagues previously posted. Having said that, you are certainly entitled to the courtesy of a complete response and a detailed explanation of your account.

Review the terms of the retainer agreement you signed with your bankruptcy attorney. Even in a flat-fee engagement you should be entitled to a refund for services not performed. Send a certified mail request to the attorney seeking an accounting of what services were actually performed from the beginning of your case. You may wish to send a copy of the letter to the Office of the United States Trustee. You will likely receive a quick reply. Good luck to you.

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