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I owned Med-Cal a large amount of restitution fee. After my parole discharge, can I have a settlement with Med-Cal. How?

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I owned Med - Cal a large amount of restitution fee . After my parole discharge , can I have a settlement with Med - Cal . How ? Monrovia , CA The Med - Cal paid money to hospital for the expense my victim spend while she hospitalized . The Judge fine me a large amount of restitution fee to pay Med - Cal which I never could pay off . After my parole discharge , it will become a civil judgement , at that time could I have a settlement with Med - Cal .

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Restitution is a set amount by the court. You have the right to a restitution hearing if you believe the amount of the ordered restitution is not correct you can set up a hearing for a judge to decide what the correct amount should be. If the restitution becomes a civil judgment against you they may settle the amount by would not be required to. It all depends on what the creditor would be looking for.
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