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I own my trailer but rent the lot. The new Landlord is threatening to evict me for rent being 7days past due. Is this legal?

Fairmont, WV |

Ive lived in the trailer court for 5 yrs and have never caused any problems and i have always paid rent before the tenth of every month as advised on the lease. Im a single mother and a full time student. I made it aware i wouldnt be able to pay my rent for this month til the 20th along with my next mths rent i would also be giving her inadvance and 2 days later I had received a letter she had put herself in my mailbox stating that i was in breach of rent agreement and i will be given an eviction notice and ill have 30days to move my trailer if not paid by the 20th and for now on if i didnt pay on the first of every month i would also be evicted. I would also like to note that i am harassed every month after the first with text messages telling me i need to pay rent and she would drive to

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If you have a written lease, then that is what controls. If the due date is the first, it is the first. If there is a grace period until the tenth, there is a grace period. The lease also likely dictates on what kind of notice a termination can be made, and if there is a cure for non-payment. Should the lease to a local attorney for more specific advice.

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