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I own my own home ,I also have another peace of property I had plan sell to my son and his wife. They are sepreated now and she

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is still living the house. there has not ben anagreement. What should i do to protect this property

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If you're asking how to remove her from the house, assuming the wife was living there without paying rent, she is probably treated legally as an invited guest. After she refuses to leave, you can file an action for unlawful detainer and seek to have a judgment removing her from the home.

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It is not entirely clear what you need to protect the property FROM. If title is in your name, it is your house. You do not need to do anything to maintain ownership. If there is a question about whether or not the wife can stay in the home, you CAN reach an agreement with her that would allow her to do so. You may want to do this if the wife gets custody of the children, if there are any. How you proceed depends on what your objectives are. You can have her evicted from the property if that is what you wish. You will want to see an attorney if that is how you intend to proceed.

James Frederick

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Both attorneys offer sound advice. Get with an estate attorney to get an overall plan here. As Mr. Frederick states if the property is in your name it is protected. But you need to clean this matter up immediately and get an estates attorney to give you specific advice in your situation.

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