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I own my home free and clear. I pay my taxes and have no problems except for the google/bing/quest/etc photos of my back yard.

Peoria, AZ |

the city is taking these photos and in essence telling me how I can live. There are no mice or other critters in the yard. Do I like it NO I don't. My son is clearing it and it is not "fast" enough for them. There is 36-7 years of collectables. How can they take photos, that are illegal and use them to harrasse me? I want them off my but and to leave me alone. I don't bother anyone, infact I don't even know most of my neighbors, so they shoulld come talk to me before complaining, if it is them. How do I stop this???>?

If it is just the city how do I stop them? They have to limb the fence to take photos or use the google CAMERAS, THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN SEE. YOU CAN NOT SEE THIS FROM FENCE HEIGHTH...........

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Just about anything that can be seen from the air can be photographed; they could be doing nothing more than flying an aircraft overhead and taking pictures.

As far as whether you're being harassed, there aren't enough facts to say one way or the other, but as far as the photographs being illegal, based on what you've provided by way of information, they don't sound like they're illegal.

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Is the City telling you that you need to clean up your yard? Do you have a lot of "stuff" in your backyard or house? Are they claiming you have a hoarding type of situation? Many cities have local ordinances that will allow them to cite, fine, and even place a property in receivership if they believe the conditions of the property are such that put the owner, neighbors, or community in harm or at risk. In some situations, cities can get court orders requiring people to clean up their properties and if they do not, then the owners can face criminal charges. This is even more so if there are children living at the home. The easiest way to get them off your back is to do what they are asking. Many times you do not have to clean up everything, but at least make a dent in the clutter.

As for the photographs, if you are that worried about people looking into your backyard, you can always place tarps over your yard, but as my colleague has said, taking pictures of your backyard from an airplane is not illegal or an invasion of your privacy.

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The prior answers are correct. Beyond that, did abutting property owners give them permission to cross their land to reach your fencing? Beyond that, what statutes, ordinances or regulations is the city claiming apply to your possessions? Read them and if you can, be prepared to argue that your storage practices do not violate them. But as I presume you are elderly, is this really worth it. Sell the stuff if you can and then enjoy your life.