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I own a trailer park where I pay lot rent on time. But there are to many fell-en and drunks living here now disturbing the peac

Tavares, FL |

I have even been assaulted on my own property just for asking one of them to move there car off my property and now I have to go to court . He was arrested. I have had enough and don't have money to move unless I stop paying rent here and move in a another park where they are going to give me a free trailer. I'm a disabled Vet. living under 1300 a year.

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How old is your home? I have bought 10+ mobile home communities with and for clients and if you can demonstrate to FDOT extreme hardship you may be able to move your home even if its really old. F.S. 723 is clear on this matter. Have you noticed the owner of the park? Is there an active HOA for the park? Bylaws, annual meetings etc.? Instead of abandoning your home have you talked to owner if he will buy your trailer from you? They are notorious for waiting for people to turn over/abandon their old trailers and then take legal Possession and then turn around and rent it for the lot rent amount and then sell your home that you abandoned on an installment agreement/Pmm to a new buyer who will pay both the lot rent and then the installment agreement for the trailer so they increase the rent by selling the home and carrying a note- Ownership wants you to abandon. Feel free to call our offices for a free consultation or another AVVO attorney who understand mobile home park law under 723.

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I agree with the answer of other counsel, even though your question reads that you own a trailer park and pay rent.

Another thing you can do is request the trailer park owner to request the Taveres Police to patrol the park, if you are in the city limits, or ask the trailer park owner to ask the Lake County Sheriff's Office to patrol the trailer park. Since convicted felons are required to register their residence with the county Sheriff's Office, you may ask the owner of the trailer park to make a request with the sheriff to verify that the residents who are are convicted felons are registered with the Lake County Sheriff's Office. You will learn where the trailer park owner stands, when you make this request.

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