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I own a rental property that they installed cable into without permission.

Calimesa, CA |

I had DTV come out and do an inspection of their damage, they sent me a denial letter a week later. They claimed there was no damage to the carpet, which was never a complaint. Also saying that the satellite was installed "standard" which I was not interested in that either. I was upset because they drilled through a vinyl siding wall into a cedar lined closet, into a shelf! They never addressed the damage to the siding or hole let alone the termites and the fact that they needed to stretch the carpet back in place. (they pulled it away from the wall and fed the cable up and under the carpet) The examiner told me once the claim is denied it can't be reopened, this sounds awfully convenient for their business. Make a mistake, close it, and call it done. Saves a lot of money for them I bet.

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It is interesting this is happening because I learned a little secret about DTV yesterday. If they are called directly, they are not supposed to install without the landlord's permission...signed, written permission. However, if say BestBuy or Costco were contacted, that is another story as they do not require permission. In any event, you are not likely to get anywhere with Direct TV out of court, you should probably file a small claims action against the tenant and DTV.



Thank you so much Ms. Ozols! I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend :)