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I owe money to a lawyer can I be ordered to the seizue and sale of m personal and real property, what can I do to protect myself

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I owe a divorce lawyer money. I have been pay her as much money as I can each month for over a year now and some times twice a month when finances will allow me. She has hired a law firm in Chatanooga, Tennessee to collect the remainder of the debt. I have 30 days to respond to this law firm. In the letter is states that "This action is being taken because despite previous notices reqiesting payment you have failed to make payment on the debt. When suit is filed it may give rise to the following consequences" the letter goes on to list 4 thing that might happen to me. what can I do to protect my self from this law suit?

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To answer your question, yes. Generally speaking, if you are ordered by a judgment against you to pay money owed, the opposing lawyer can use a variety of tools and strategies to recover that money - including the seizing of personal and real property.

How do you protect yourself... that requires more information. For example, how much in assets do you have and how much do you owe? Bankruptcy is always an option if you are about to be forced out of house and home. It protects a lot of your assets and it cancels out most debt.

Important tip. Negotiate with the other side and get the number down. They have to spend money to get your money via a lawsuit and it takes time. Plus, they can't be sure that they can even make that recovery in the end because who knows where and what your assets are and whether they exist or will exist after the completion of the lawsuit. Settlement is always an option... you just have to know what's leverage against them. Money today is much better than a possibility of money tomorrow.

Most important tip. Talk to a legal counsel from your state and get some wealth management/protection and bankruptcy advice. If you can't afford a lawyer, look for non-profit legal organizations that would counsel you on bankruptcy protection. I used to participate in a Bankruptcy Pro Bono program while in law school, so law schools in your area may be a good source to find some free legal help.

I'm sorry for all you troubles. Hope this has been helpful. Good luck. :)