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I owe $1800 to the IRS. Is it worth getting assistance, or just contacting the IRS and working something out?

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My ex and I filed jointly (when we were married) to reduce the amount she owed every year. She has apparently stopped paying, and now the IRS is coming after me. I know the IRS doesn't care about this...but I feel I don't owe this as I would've gotten returns for every year we filed together had I filed separately. We are no longer in contact with each other.

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You may want to consider filing for innocent spouse relief. But short of that, the amount is fairly small and securing representation may cost as much as just paying the bill. Balancing the costs and the benefits, your approach of contacting the IRS to work something out may be the best option. I would think you'd at least be well served to discuss with a local tax attorney in a free consult.

Good luck.

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Take a look at IRS form 8857 instructions and see if you can apply for Innocent Spouse relief, if not, you can contact the IRS to make installment payments.


An Innocent Spouse case will not be successful. Put yourself on an installment agreement where you pay the debt over 60 months.