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I owe $10,000 in child support, i was 14 she was 20 at the time. Is there away to get off child support or get full custody???

Tucson, AZ |

I was basically 14 at the time in 2004 turning 15, she was 20. She got pregnant and had the baby in 2005. She technically didn't come at me for child support until 2008 which would make me legal adult 18, i am now 22. So i owe from 18 to 22, 4 years of child support.

Is it even legal for her to put me on child support seeing i was underage at the time?

I do feel like it was part manipulation seeing my family was falling apart. I was 14, no one to turn to and she was there.

Is this a lawsuit on the state for allowing her to put me on Child support and not doing nothing about it?

My credit is basically getting messed up, since its on my credit report now.

If i go to court what MAY happen?

I do feel taken advantage of in a sense of manipulation she should of known better.

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It sounds like she may have committed an illegal act by having sex with a minor when you were 14. You need to talk to the County prosecutor's office to see if she can be prosecuted for violation of ARS13-1405 or 13-1406. If she is convicted of one of those offenses, you may be able to escape child support liability under ARS 25-501(f). But, I don't believe there is any exemption from child support unless she has a conviction on one of those offenses as a result of the conception of the child.

I don't think you have any lawsuit against the State because they granted her child support. It was your obligation to raise these considerations when she sought to establish a child support order.

You should talk to an attorney to determine whether you have any basis for a modification of the existing child support. You have not provided any facts that would lead to that conclusion.