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I original applied for SSI in 2007 and was refused benefits. However, I reapplied in Oct. 2013.

Mount Morris, MI |

If benefits are approved, can I received back payment from 2007? If not, how far back can I receive payment? Diagnosis: Epilepsy

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You are unlikely to get back benefits due to the length of time between applications. SSI is paid from the application date.

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If you are found disabled at or before your application date, then you would be paid SSI starting with the month you applied.

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If you are actually talking about SSI rather than SSDI then it would not date back past your most recent application.

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No. It goes from date of most recent filing.


In most cases, with SSI, benefits are applied form the date of application. With SSDI it can be from a date of incapacity, with a 6 month waiting period. I do know of lawyers who have tried to reach back with SSI, but I am not familiar with any successful outcomes in that regard.


SSI applications are only subject to reopening at the discretion of the Judge within one year of from the date of the initial denial of the application. Therefore, the only way you can get your previous 2007 application reopened is if you have "good cause" to reopen it and the initial denial is within five years of your second application. You need an attorney to explain the various elements that compromise "good cause" and you also need to be specific about the dates in your question, because your question does not provide specific enough information to give you an adequate answer. In short, you should ask an experienced Social Security attorney. I will say, however, that it is highly unlikely that your 2007 application will be reopened and payment on SSI applications begins on the day that they are filed. So, if you cannot reopen your 2007 application for "good cause," then you will only be eligible for SSI benefits beginning from the date of your second application in October of 2013.