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I ordered Veggie Pizza from Pizza Hut .. and it had a piece of meat in it .. can i sue them ?

Overland Park, KS |

I ordered Veggie Pizza from Pizza Hut .. and it had a piece of meat in it .. can i sue them ?

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No, but you should be able to get a full refund and perhaps some coupons. Honestly, you'd be better off eating something healthy, as opposed to greasy processed food.

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You can, but what damages do you intend to recover? It is likely that your suit would be unsuccessful, and would cost more to pursue than you would ever recover in damages. I would recommend contacting Pizza Hut and asking them to fix the problem for you.

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Anyone can sue anyone. Sometimes the damages arent big enough to make it economically feasible to proceed. You dont say anything about injury or any type of damage to you. If you prefer not to air it on this site (which is understandable), seek a confidential consult with a local atty to talk about the case.


As a former vegetarian, you and I both know that this sort of thing happens every day. Order a vegetarian meal and the know-it-alls in the back room, who 'know' meat is the king of foods, slip in some meat broth, chopped meat or whatever they can find. No, they shouldn't. But, it's the way it is. If you're actually serious about eating healthy, read "Fast Food Nation", E. Schlosser, 2002.

Here's the answer to your question "CAN I SUE?" [Blue-Link-Below]

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Probably not unless you suffered an injury.



You potentially could have claims under the Kansas Consumer Protection
Act, for negligence, and possibly even for products liability. However,
you would have to prove that you suffered injuries and damages due to
the piece of meat being present. Unless you had a major allergic
reaction due to the presence of the meat I suspect that you would spend
more money investigating and pursuing the claim than you would ever

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