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I ordered an item online and I've been scammed

Summerville, SC |

How do I get my item and/or money back??

Hi, I ordered an item online on Aug 15th, received notice that it shipped on Aug 17th. It is Sept 4th and it's not here, and all attempts at emailing the company have gotten no response.

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Attorney answers 2


You can try contacting your credit card company and putting a challenge on the transaction. That is usually the best option, especially if the company you ordered from is out of state.


First, look at the terms of the order. Some of these online companies say that you need to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the order. It is very dependent on the manner of transit of the product that you purchased. Without more specific information as to the product or state of origin of the company, then this is about as specific as I can be. Many states have their own very specific laws regarding sonsumer transactions.

Contact your state's "Consumer Protection" office. Also, you may contest the payment for the product through your credit card company. Just contact their "800" number on the back of the card. This will start an inquiry that will get the immediate interest of the company that sold you the product.

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