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I offered 24k on a forclosure. the listing agent then lowered the asking price by 2000 on the same day its been 7 days noanswer

Akron, OH |

my agent is not the listing agent. i asked seller to pay no more than 2k in closing cost. we cant get an answer from the listing agent. is this legal. it would seem that the listing agent wants to sell the house on his own and not split commission's. if the listing agent did not send my offer to the bank are there any actions that can be taken against the listing agent. i feel this is unethical and illegal. do i need an lawyer or should i just trust in my agent to get things done and go after the listing agent. no one was interested in the property till the listing agent dropped the price to the 2nd lowest house on the market for the area. now it has gone from 8 views when i offered my bid to 34 views with the listing agents new price.

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Have your agent contact the Broker or Owner of the office. That agent may be trying to pull a side deal.