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I now live in Las Vegas. I got a DUI in Arizona and didn't finish "paying fines" meaning, I didn't complete the 10 days in tent

Las Vegas, NV |

city, they were full everytime I tried to go. I even tried to do house arrest once I moved to Las Vegas to complete my stuff. I have not completed, I still have an Arizona Drivers lisence (they dont expire for 50 years!) What can I do to complete my sentencing? Do I need to do anything? Can I get a Nevada drivers lisence?

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First, just because you have a physical license doesn't mean your license to drive hasn't been revoked or suspended and if a cop calls it in, Headquarters may call back with an arrest warrant.

To complete your sentence, you have to do as the Court dictated. If that means going back to AZ, then that's what you need to do. Sometimes, Courts will grant you a different sentence such as Probation in another state, but the other state must accept you and that is unlikely if you've already abscounded from AZ.

I suggest you contact an attorney AZ and see what they can do for you.

Good luck.


You need to contact an AZ attorney and straighten this out. First, you are probably in warrant - not good. Second, your license is most likely suspended, so you are driving illegally. Under NV law you, NV will not issue a valid license until you clear your AZ problem. Then again, if you are able to get a NV license, it means that AZ does not have a hold on your privileges.

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