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I nned to know how i can get a hold of the beneficiary over my trust fund.

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While i was in foster care my grandmother passed away and left my siblings and I money in a trust fund. I was never given a copy of the will but know that i am on it so how can i get a copy or find out who the beneficiary is? Also my siblings said we get the money at the age of 25 , is there any way you can get any of the money before then.

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Contact the county clerk of the county in which your grandmother resided and give them the details regarding your grandmother's name and date of death so the probate file can be located; then make arranagements to obtain a copy of the probated Will. Based on your facts, it appears that a Trust was created under her Will. You would read the will to determine name of trustee and the terms of the trust. You would contact the trustee to find out what was being held in the trust. Depending on the terms of the trust you may be able to get distribitions prior to age 25. You likely will find it helpful to hire an attorney to help you.


If the Will was not probated and more than four years have passed since her death then it is too late to probate it and nothing it says will happen.

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As Mr. Clausen said - you will need to contact the county clerk in the county, state in which your grandmother died. If there was a "probate" of her Will then the person who was named as the executor or administrator during that probate can point you in the right direction. If you were a minor the court may have created the trust or it may be a Will driven trust. Typically the terms of the trust dictate when you get the money and there is not anything short of dire emergency or so little to hold in trust (neither good situations) that will allow distributions of the entire amount. Most trusts do have some provisions for other smaller distributions but you will need to find out IF there is a trust first. If the Will was never probated there has to be a very good reason in order to probate it late but that also means that the accounts in which you and your siblings money is held may still be held there. I would contact eh county clerk first then get an attorney to assist you.

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