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I never signed a marraige certificate am i legally married?

New York, NY |

Hi, i got married in gran canaria in spain 2009,Catholic wedding. We are both irish and live in Ireland.but since then myself and my husband have broken up. the thing is, we never recieved or signed a marraige certifcate. I cant seem to find out how to get a copy of marrage cert or if its even legal.
Only a letter from a priest from the church(not the priest that married us) 8 months later.
Im just tryng to find out if our marrage is leagal, hopefully not.
Hope you can help.

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You need to inquire in your native country. NY does not have common law marriage, so you have to be legally married where you were married.

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Check Spanish law. Not every country prides itself on paper. Your marriage may be fully legal and your only source of information is you country of marriage.


You would need to make inquiry of a Spanish Family Law attorney. Do a search in the internet for such a lawyer in the Gran Canaria area.

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