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I need two hip surgeries,my husband recently left for second time,hes paying bills,uneven split,can I get spousal support

Buena Park, CA |

Hes financially not evenly splitting money,i cant work,but hes paying bills,theres. a girlfriend,i need extended help,financially,can I get support for three years

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Depending on the legal nature of your relationship (separated/divorced) you will likely want to consult with a local family law attorney to advise you in re: your options.


If you were married for any significant time and your husband is the main financial provider in your home, you will likely get spousal support. It sounds like, at least for now, that you are unable to work.


You can request spousal support. Spousal support will depend upon a number of factors all addressed in Family Code Section 4320. The length of spousal support will also depend on a number of other factors also. I can't tell you if you can get it for three years because I don't know the length of your marriage and other needed facts.


I am assuming that there is no court case opened and that you are asking about whether you can get temporary spousal support.

If that is the case; an award of temporary spousal support has two prerequisites:
1. Your need and you explained that well enough
2. You spouse's ability to pay, which you have no detailed in your question other with he is paying the bills.

If he has the ability to pay, then the answer is yes.

The second part of your question "for three years" has to do with permanent spousal support, which is far more complicated and you need to consult an attorney.

This response will not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Sarieh Law Offices, and is not intended to serve as a legal advice in your specific circumstances. This response is a legal opinion based solely on facts represented and you should not rely on this legal opinion as a legal advice. You still need to consult an attorney directly to fully protect your legal rights.