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I need to write a letter to the judge can someone help me word it right?

Big Bear Lake, CA |

Its me again...i was charged with petty theft.this is my first offense.the amount stolen totaled at about $ wondering how write the judge for dissmisal or a transfer or something. I dont know if you remember, but i had said a while back in one of my first questions that it couldn't of happend at a worse time because i was in the process of moving. What i left out is that i had already moved prior to the day i was caught stealing. I was was just back in town getting the rest of my stuff. Can someone please help me write an appropriate letter i know its asking alot, but when i asked a public defender to help he said no. It had to be in my own words not his proffesinal opinion.Im not asking for a complete letter just some pointers.e-mail me at please help thanks

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The Judge will not read your letter. To communicate with a judge you need a pleading, like a Motion to Dismiss, which cites the legal reason the case should be dismissed.

You may request a continuance by motion, or by stipulation if the prosecutor agrees to continue a hearing.

Go to the local law library at the county court house for forms.


Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Your problem is not the wording of the letter. Your problem is that judges do not respond to letters written by litigants.

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