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I need to travel to Canada in July for a family wedding. I have a summary offense. How do I travel with a record?

Lancaster, PA |

It was a public intoxication charge from Oct. 2011. I plead guilty and paid the fine. No incidents before or after. I need to know which forms to fill out and where to find them. I do not have a passport yet. The Canadian consulate and embassy were not helpful.

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What is your status now? It depends on a lot of things. If you are a permanent resident, a public intoxication charge should not be a problem for re-entry. Talk to an attorney



Thanks for the reply. I am a US citizen...born and raised. Permanent resident of the US. I'm concerned about entry into Canada as a visitor. 4-5 days max. I didn't consider that it would be a problem getting back in. As far as I knew, once I paid the fine, I was good to go. I was told this wouldn't show on background checks since it was a summary offense, comparable to a traffic ticket, as opposed to a misdemeanor or felony unless I would apply for a specific job that requires deeper checks.