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I need to take a individual(he was driving a company truck) to small claim court.

Houston, TX |

the individual (coffee company) drove into my van door(electrical company) has my personal was unloading materials from back of van. The insurance is not response.(we talk with them.)i am getting my van repaired already, so i can get it on the road to be making moneyagain. when i sue in court can i ask for lost income(van) and if i need to send my employee's to court.(lost income), also my time(lost income). The repairs to my van is around $3500.00, can i ask for interest on my money used to fix van.

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The short answer is you can seek all damages that would naturally and foreseeably flow from the collision. I think you may have more than the maximum small-claims-court damages threshold. So, you may want to file in county or district court. In any event, it will be easier to let a lawyer pursue this for you if the insurance company is not responding to your satisfaction. You have to file within 2 years of the negligence so you will want to retain an attorney soon.

Good luck to you.

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