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I need to speak with a civil attorney badly, i was told by several advocacy groups, that i had a few cases against cps, ..

Virginia Beach, VA |

my two sons were tAKEN into a 72 hour hold on aug 14th, with what i now know, was not a court order, however when i asked, i was told it was, the paper clearly states that a court order was not currently obtainable, so many things have taken place that are so against my rights, however i was given a court appt att, who cancelled our first two appts, and never returned any of my calls, i wasnt able to get ahold of her until 3 days before court, in which she then told me, oh you are not going to get your kids back on this court date, in response, i asked why, and was told this is when the judge decides wheteher im guilty of the allegations i am being accused of, in which absoluely not!! this case has gotten out of control because i did not realize the nature of the beast i was up against,

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I'm sorry to hear about this, and it sounds like you have a laundry list of issues which need to be addressed, thus, I would advise that you use the Avvo "find a lawyer" tool and call a lawyer in your city asap to schedule a sit-down appointment to discuss all of these issues.

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I agree with my colleague above. There are many attorneys in your area. Avvo is a great tool to find one.

The information above is not intended to, nor does it constitute legal advice.


I agree and recommend the "Find a Lawyer" tool on Avvo.