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I need to set up a court date with a certain judge for a review hearing. How do I get a hearing?

Bellevue, WA |

I was recently in jail and when I saw the judge the prosecuter did not bring up what i did not finish for my sentencing only my financial obligations. I was told by my attorney that I needed to get a new court date to fix the problem before the prosecuter realized he made a mistake and issues a warrant. Please help!!

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Attorney answers 2


Ask your attorney to cite the matter on before the court. If you're no longer represented call the court clerk and have them assist you in setting a motion hearing before the presiding judge.


If you have an attorney, he or she should be the one to set the review hearing. He or she would do so by calling the court clerk's office and getting a date for the hearing.

However, your question is also a little unclear about what you would be asking for at the review hearing. Would you be going in front of the judge to point out that not only are you behind on your financial obligations, but there are other things you have not completed as well? This does not seem like the best idea. Perhaps you might be considering asking the judge for more time to complete your sentence requirements. This might make more sense, but you should strongly consider having an attorney represent you while you do this. Otherwise, the judge could end up finding you in violation of your sentence and handing down more punishment (in particular, more jail time).