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I need to respond to a request for order 9 days before the hearing

Sacramento, CA |

Do I have to file it 9 days prior or just give him a copy 9 days prior to the hearing

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With respect to filing and serving an opposition 9 days before the hearing, be sure that you count only court days (excluding weekends and holidays). Also, you don't count the day it is filed/served but you do count the last day. For example, you can count the date of the hearing. Finally, you should be able to serve it by mail, and attach a proof of serice properly signed by a person over 18 years old and not a party to the proceeding.


It sounds as if you need to serve and file an opposition to a motion. I do not know to what other request for order you could be referring.

You have to both deliver it to him and file it. You cannot serve it yourself, you have to have someone else do it. You then file the proof of service with the document.


I would agree with attorney Eschen.

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Must be filed 9 court days before the hearing. Must be served personally or by mail method to be delivered by the following day, such as FED ex , UPS, etc.

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