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I need to know what to expect from a class C theft charge, im 17 and live in texas this is my first run in with the law.

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Background information-
Im 17 and live in Texas
Ap student has done charity work and looking to get into a good college.
Clean record

A friend and i were looking at some phone cases at walmart befor going out to eat . After talking brefly without thinking we decide that because we had only enough money for food that we would get these cases that we thought we needed so dearly, by stealing them.Long story short we were caught. My friend got aressted becuase his item was $69.99 but i got a class C ticket because my item was $20.99. I would like to know what is going to happen and if its going to be on my record at all. i dont really care what i have to pay, as long as it isnt on my record. Also technacly we never left the store just the metal detectors.

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You have been charged with Class C Theft, under $50.00 This is crime involving moral turpitude and can affect you forever. You can pay up to a $500 fine if you just plead guilty and ask for time to pay. This would not be a good idea. You may be offered a deal where you plea gulity , but the court puts you on some sort of deferred adjudication. If you are successful , then the case is dismissed. You should hire an attorney to make sure that your rights are protected and you do not have this mistake follow you forever. You do not have to leave the store to have committed a theft, once you have done an action that forms the intent to appropriate property, the state may have a case against you. There may be some issue with the evidence however, since they did not wait until you left the store. You should speak to an attorney.


You don't have to leave the store to be guilty of theft. But you also don't need to take a conviction. If you can't afford to hire a ticket attorney, just make sure you get a deferred disposition. This will result in a dismissal in your case and allow you to erase it from your record.

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Once you complete the deferred disposition you will be eligible to expunge the charge completely. Make sure you hire an attorney for the expunction as opposed to trying to handle it yourself.

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There can be immigration consequences for this type of crime. If you are not a citizen, consult an immigration attorney.

You should hire an attorney to handle the ticket. Some prosecutors might be willing to just out-right dismiss a case like this under the right circumstances. It is better to have a lawyer working on it than to handle it yourself. And remember that anything you say to a prosecutor can be used against you later. If you start off with an attorney, you should be protected from any mistakes you might make on your own in court.

Some communities are pretty small. Make sure that you haven't posted anything on social networking websites about this issue - you don't want to convict yourself out of your own mouth.

If you get a dismissal or successfully complete a deferred adjudication, immediately get an expunction. This type of crime can affect your chances of getting a job.

And don't do it again - no $20.99 piece of plastic is worth risking your future employment opportunities. There are video cameras literally everywhere - no one is smart enough to get away with this type of crime in this technological era.

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Class C Theft is a BIG deal. You will definitely want to hire an attorney. Theft is a "crime of moral turpitude" which is a fancy way of saying it's a crime involving your character. Having a theft conviction on your record will have BIG consequences later in life. It is critical that you take the appropriate steps to keep this off of your criminal record. The worst punishment you can receive is a $500 fine, plus court costs, but don't be fooled - it is worth the time and money to hire competent legal counsel to advise you and work hard to make sure that you are not saddled with the label of "thief," just because you made a bad decision when you were 17.