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I need to know what to do about my landlord in a slumlord

Sacramento, CA |

okay he has since I've worked here since July 30th of 2013 he was renovated the place when I first got here and some of the tenants are all tenants here ask him if he can repair their apartment and he told them if they give him $100 more for rent then he can repair at other than that he's not doing nothing to the apartment he also has seen the mold the falling sinks um holes in the wall as walls crumbling and he still have nothing also he makes agreement with the tenant to pay on certain time and he harasses them before that time also the contractors at work on the job to fix the apartments they told me that he told them to cut corners include you in my apartment

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I would recommend that you send a letter to your landlord stating the problems that you have with the premises. Make sure you send it certified so you have proof of it being sent. Give him a period to fix the premises. I would also notice your local housing agency. If no resolution, speak to an attorney regarding breaking your lease.

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well I understand what you're saying but he is fully aware of all these problems I been living here for 6 months I have the property manager of the apartments and I was there with him whn he told the tenants the states and I was shocked


O my Omar is right, complain to the local authorities.

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