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I need to know what the fine is. I am guilty.

East Point, GA |

I have no prior record of any kind. I was arrested in East Point GA for Code # 13.1005-A (Disorderly Conduct Violent) and Code #13.1005-E (Disorderly Conduct Public Drunk). There was no property damage to anything or anyone. Therefore there is no other party involved in this. I was in a McDonalds parking lot at 2:48 am and simply wanted something to eat. The restaurant was closed except for the drive-in window. I walked up the window and someone pulled in front o f me in a truck and got in front of me and I kicked the bumper of their truck. There was an East Point GA Police Officer right behind me and watching me. I would like to simply pay the fine and move on without going to court. Is this possible.

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Why on God's green earth would you want to plead guilty to criminal offenses just to "get it behind you"? This decision could come back to haunt you later in life when applying for a job or renting an apt or a house (assuming you don't own one of course). Sit down with an experienced attorney for a FREE consultation. You may have options available to you to avoid a permanent criminal record.


Without a record, there may be a possibility for a pretrial diversion program. Moreover, you might be able to get one of the charges dismissed, as they are both overlapping. Public drunk usually requires an element of causing a public disturbance, which is the kicking of the other vehicle. Since you are also charged with disordely conduct for kicking the vehicle, you might negotiate with them to dismiss the public drunk in exchange for a plea to the disorderly conduct.


you have a clean record and you believe that the police have sufficient evidence to convict you of something.

at least in florida there is a program called pre-trial diversion. that means that you do a little time on "something like probation" and when you are successful, your record is clean.

you sound young. just think if this is your "one free pass:" and a judge in the future looks at you with a jaundiced eye.

sounds like getting alcohol help--perhaps through the court system--is in order and surely will help you in your life and in your litigation.

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