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I need to know what a advisement hearing is

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my boyfriend forgot to register cause he was under so much stress at home and he dose has a mental condition and is no threat to the commioty and he is on bond right now. I need to know what he faces cause he hasn't done this

I also need to know what we can bring to court with us. he is seeing a thraypist for the stress at home. we are currently living with 2 other roommate one is bi-polar and off meds. when ever she gets mad she gose off and it is usally at me. So we were busy trying to find me a sage place to live cause I have mental problems also. We had to get me out of the house cause I have epilypsy and he was afraid that if I stayed there any longer I would end up having a grand=mal I was already having peti mal everyday cause of the stress, I just need to know what to do because of this he forgot to registure, this would be a first time he forgot to registure. he has a advistment hearing on july 10th I also need to know what would happen at the adivsment hearing I don't know what one is

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Generally at an advisement hearing the judge will tell him what exactly he is accused of and what his rights are. He may or may not have the chance to talk to a prosecutor. He needs an attorney for this case whether it is a public defender or a private attorney. If he does not have one at the advisement hearing, that's ok, but he should probably tell the judge or prosecutor that he wants to get an attorney. I can't provide advice about his specific situation, but I can say generally that it is NOT a good idea for a person to talk to the prosecutor about the case or try to explain their situation the prosecutor. The prosecutors (DAs) are there to get convictions, and are not really interested in helping people out. He will need an attorney to help him.

Please remember that legal matters are complex, and that even the smallest details can have a great impact on a case. It is always best to meet with an attorney in person to discuss the full details of your case. Furthermore, remember that I am not your attorney until you have been to my office and we have both signed an agreement. If you would like to discuss having me represent you, please call or email me, or visit my website at

Daniel Nelson Deasy

Daniel Nelson Deasy


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