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I need to know if I need to obtain a attorney for a divorce that I filed in Dallas, Tx.

Mesquite, TX |

I filed for divorce in Dallas county, Tx on Feb 9th my spouse filed waiver of service on Feb 10th, since he has moved all of his belongings out of the house we were living in but comes and goes as he please's, is continuosly berating me and harrasing me over the phone and when at the residence show's up at odd hours of the night unannounced, keeps me up and blocks my car in the drive to keep me from going to work. He is now saying he is going to get a attorney and draw our divorce out for years to cause me financial ruin. We have only been married since June 3 2011, since the waiver of service says not to sign, if so he is signing away his legal rights, can he still fight me with a attorney. I tried to obtain a protection order with the dallas da they said they couldn't because divorce

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Sounds like a bully. Best way to deal with a bully is to make friends with someone even bigger. Having said that, I would seek to retain legal counsel to move the case forward at a fast clip. The sooner you get it resolved, the sooner you can move forward in life.