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I need to know if I have a health care related case against local hospital.

Duncan, OK |

Dec my husband went to local ER with extreme symptoms the hospitalist requested xray to be done and sent him home saying he had the flu . Three days later he is unresponsive and in a fever induced coma . Turns out he had double pneumonia that had also caused spinal meningitis and it seemed like every doctor I talked to said he should have been admitted when we first came in . I could not get anyone to tell me if the pneumonia had shown up on the first xray or not . When I reached out to another hospital to ask questions they agreed with me that the pneumonia would have been there when we first went in and the doctor didn't admit him because we did not have insurance . While we were there the attending doctor failed to mention he had brain damage and a collapsed lung when being discharged .

Also, they put him on an anti seizure medication that they failed to inform us was so difficult to be on and so hazardous to be taken off of. He has been out of work for close to three months now because of this and has suffered immensely during the three day fever induced coma the doctor told me chances were he would need round clock care from then on because they did not believe that he could come out of it retaining his mind and mobility also on the day of our discharge the attending doctor canceled a brain wave scan because we would be leaving soon and he did not see it being necessary after my husband had said he would like it done anyway because of the headaches and confusion he was still feeling. For the first four days out of the coma my husband had trouble remembering who I was ( wife) and who our son was or even his name and DOB and the attending doctor still did not want to do the brain wave scan.

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You would need a local med mal lawyer to order all his medical records and send them to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.


You should consult a medical malpractice attorney to review the medical records.

Call for a free consultation at 727-937-1400 or visit us on the Web at


The medical situation is quite complex. See a medical malpractice attorney, who will be able to send the medical records for review. The attorney will be able to advise you as to the viability of a lawsuit.

We do not have a client/attorney relationship until you make an appointment, we discuss your case face to face, I accept a retainer, and we explictly agree to enter into representation.


You need to contact and consult with a qualified medical malpractice attorney. Go to the "find a lawyer" tab.


Frequently pneumonia will not show up on X-ray in its acute phase. Although, the xrays may show something that needed to be addressed immediately. Either way, that doesn't get the hospital off the hook. The symptoms displayed and the lab test results will play a large role here. So, depending on what they show a case could be strong. That is a long way of saying that you really need to have a qualified attorney look at this before you really know with certainty. We work in Oklahoma frequently. Call if you have questions. 888-333-9709 or

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