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I need to know if I have a case against a local grocery chain.

Lawrenceville, GA |

I have a 16 and 12 year old sons. They were falsely accused of stealing merchandise. There was a scene in front of all the other customers. There was some verbal insults from the officer. There was no merchandise on my sons. Even after they discovered that there was no theft, there was more verbal insults. Another customer attempted to intervene and drive my sons home. I'm assuming it was obvious that they were innocent. My sons were asked to leave by the Officer and the Manager. These boys have never been in any trouble. They are good kids. I was phoned about it, from my sons, and this situation is very upsetting to our family. I later went to this store ans asked to view a video to see why they were suspected and there was nothing evident on the video. I have more details about this.

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You may very well have a claim. I know of a similar case in which a movie theatre chain that used off duty cops to "roust" teens from the entrances near the ticket counter had to pay a huge judgment, but that was based on "failure to train" the guards. Plus, the theatre chain went forth with a "loitering" prosecution against the young man, when no evidence existed to show any crime. A link to that case profile and the attorney Pete Law, is shown below. Here is Pete's summary of that case: $ 3,002,633.00 Malicious Prosecution - Record jury verdict for a seventh grade child who was wrongfully profiled, arrested, detained and prosecuted by AMC movie theater employees.


Yes, under the facts you describe your sons would seem to have two claims, one for defamation, the other for false imprisonment. You should consult a local attorney to discuss your options.

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