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I need to know how to reverse a temporary and permanent guardianship.

Pleasant Hill, CA |

Last July my sister and I decided that it would be best (for now) to let my 13 yr old son live w/her in ar. Her attorney drew up papers that say temporary and permanent guardianship. At the time my sister said her lawyer told her to tell me not to freak out at the permanent part. my sister said when the time came she would send my son back. i have seen him 3 times, since i live in ca. the start of 2010, my sister moved to tx w/my son, w/o my permission. we have had a "falling out" and we don't talk. I do talk and text my son often, because of this falling out, my sister has said that i gave up my rights. i feel that she will not return him this august in time for school. She has been diagnosed w/bipolar and my parents have had to help. i was asked by her not to come and help. Help !

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You will need to consult with an attorney, because the facts need to be clarified. An attorney will need to look at the paperwork drawn up by her lawyer. It seems like you will need to get a court order to return your son. Whether or not this may be filed in California depends more on the facts, such as when your son left to live in Arizona, where he lived before, and how long. Also, the biological father will need be involved.

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