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I need to get more information on inherident and gardenship? 443-824-9318

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I have a young woman that has contacted me. She lives in schotland I in maryland. Her father passed away and she is next of kin for his money. She is unable to touch the money until she is 30 years of age she is an adult but not that old yet. She has ask me to act on her behalf with transfering her funds to my account in maryland and having her come here to better her life and education. She wants me to get gardenship of her and have the money placed in my account, with expensies taken out for travel and my compinsaion. She wants to live her and beable to to have access to her money through me. Is this something you can help me with or know someone who can? I am very broke right now and can not aford to pay a lawyer ,once I get acess to my compinsion funds I can then pay for your help.

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BEWARE. It is highly likely that this is a scam aimed at getting money from you. Scam emails and letters are happening more and more. Some tip offs are:
1. If the person who contacted you is someone you do not know and have no connection with, it is likely a scam.
2. If the person is suggesting something that is illegal, breaches a contract or goes against the provisions of a Will or Trust, it is likely a scam.
3. If the person asks you to use your bank account to transfer money, I would estimate that the probability that it is a scam at over 99%.

A simple example - you get into this deal and the next thing you know a bank cashier's check for $50,000 arrives. You put it into your bank account and wait until it clears. She then contacts you and tells you to wire her $40,000 and keep $10,000 for your trouble. You do it. 3 weeks later your bank advises you that the check you received was a counterfeit and the bank under commercial law is charging your account. The person you wired the money to is overseas and has disappeared. Your're stuck owing the bank $50,000.

Scams of this nature have been going on longer than you have been alive. Scammers are smart and they will take your money and disappear and you'll never get it back. Lawyers have fallen for these kinds of scams and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick


Completely agree. Well stated. Good information.


I completely agree with Attorney Meng. This is almost certainly a scam. I would send this to your trash bin, unless this is someone that you know personally. I would not send any money, I would not accept and money in your account with instructions to wire funds. If you think that this *might* be legitimate, which is doubtful, your next step should be to contact a lawyer to investigate this for you.

James Frederick

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