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I need to get felony charges expunged, the charges were 17 years ago. I have no money for a lawyer.

Levittown, PA |

I am currently unemployed and can not find a good job because of felony charges. I want to get them expunged but do not have any money for a lawyer. I did not have money 17 years ago, i had a public defender. The person pressing the charges never showed up to court and i still got felony charges brought against me.

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Expungement is not possible under the law in PA. The ONLY possibility would be a pardon. Time consuming and expensive. A free lawyer is mot available for such an effort. Sorry for the bad news but it is what it is. Get involved in employment where that record is mot important-- building trades fir example, or come up with a self-employment plan.


If the charges were dismissed you can have it expunged from the records. Our firm offers a free consult and a payment plan. It may be worth a call.


In pennsylvania, felony charges cannot be expunged after a conviction. A pardon might happen but that is very long shot.


A felony conviction cannot be expunged in pa, if not convicted the record of the charges can be expunged. It may be more affordable than you think and worth seeking an attorney

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It is not clear from your question whether there were simply charges brought against you, or whether you have a conviction. If you were not convicted you can generally do the expungement process yourself if you have the time (and inclination) to do it. Otherwise you can do an expungement when you reach a certain age, generally at a time you won't get hired anyway because of your age.

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