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I need to get access to my employee records at my last place of employment. were currently in a dispute for unemployment.

Houston, TX |

They told me i was fired but when unemplyment contacted them they said i quit so i think that why they wont give me access

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They don't have to give you access. That is why they are not giving you access.



The rwason tgey told me no was because of security reasons they couldnt. All I was while I was workiing there was a cook.


It is unlikely they will provide you with documentation and they are not required to do so.


When you file a claim for unemployment, the TWC will require your employer to show you were terminated for misconduct, if it wishes to contest your unemployment claim. Therefor, even though your former employer does not have to turn the records over to you, it will be required to submit any records showing your misconduct to the TWC. If you were not terminated for misconduct, or if you were constructively discharged, your unemployment claim is likely to be approved.