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I need to get a misdemeanor shoplifting charge reduced to infraction to save my ass from felony probation violation...

Covington, GA |
Attorney answers 2


There are ways to get past a misd. shoplifting without having it be on your record but you will need the help of a lawyer who regularly works in that county who knows what options are available. Additionally, yoiu are going to need that lawyer's help with your probation, as the State can go forward on a probation violation even if you are not prosecuted on the shoplifting charge. Finally, can't tell if you are serious about being on the run, but that is about the worst thing you can do. No one is going to give you any slack if you bolt. At some point you'll be caught and then the Solicitor, PO and DA will all be very unhappy with you. Consult an attorney and work with him or her on a strategy to turn yourself in if necessary or to get back in your PO's good graces if no warrant has been issued. Remember, not showing up to report for probation is a guaranteed ticket to a revocation warrant.


Sounds like you have a problem that requires more detail than what you are providing in this forum. Feel free to contact me with more information and I will see if I can assist you. With regards,

P. Darrell Kimbrell