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I need to file summons and complaint forms

Spokane, WA |

I tried looking on the Spokane and Washington court websites and all they had were forms for small claims. This does not work in which I need to bring a general civil case against somebody for $75,000, and not the max of $5,000 of small claims. I even tried going to the clerks office who told me they don't have any forms whatsoever. How can I find these forms?

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The state district courts and superior courts won't literally have "forms" (I.e., worksheets) to complete, but there are resources through which you can find "examples."

First, a summons must include certain specific language for it to be valid. I've pasted a link to Civil Rule 4, which includes that language:

Second, if you go to the county law library, it will likely have the Washington Practice desk book series. It has a volume that includes various sample complaints.

Hope that helps.



Thank you very much I will give that a try.



What court do i need to sue them in?

Robert Adam Meyers

Robert Adam Meyers


Wow, you haven't provided nearly enough information to answer that question, and you might have more than one option


Only certain types of cases have standard forms, usually ones that pro se litigants are expected to handle themselves like small claims; large civil complaints are usually filed by attorneys, who draft their own. I recommend hiring an attorney to help you - even if you do not want to hire someone for complete representation, many offer unbundled services, such as assisting you to draft your documents. If you are insistent about doing it on your own, you may be able to find examples of what civil complaints look like at your local law library.


I can e-mail you a sample or two if your would like. I would need to know a little about what type of legal issue you have to send you a sample that might be adaptable.


I agree with my colleges about a Summons but not about a Complaint. A complaint needs to have particular elements alleging the cause of the claim. You give no information about whether this is a tort claim, or a contract dispute or a collection matter and so on. If the other party is out of the state, you may meet the threshold for a federal court. And then there is the issue of service which has to be done. I would recommend you hire an attorney to prepare, file and serve this case. If not done properly, your case can be thrown out.

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