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I need to file Ch 7. and I am flat broke!

Kirkland, WA |

What sliding scale or pro bono options are available...if any. My situation is of the most simple...6 CC's, 1 Medical ~$25,000, I literally own nothing, no leins, no secured debt, no assets, no life, NO NOTHING FRANKLY!

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Attorney answers 3


You will need to check with local attorneys in your state if you are looking for Pro Bono work. Most attorneys will charge something. Many will have payment plans.

You may want to look into legal aid in your area. Most legal aid requires that you be below a certain income to use their services. If you are not below this income, I suggest to start saving and speak with a local attorney.


If you are "judgment proof" why bother filing bankrutpcy?


It is going to depend on the attorney, you don't indicate that you have no income, and income is going to play a role as to whether someone is willing to represent you pro bono, so you will need to ask around, with the best starting point being a legal aid/assistance office. Often your local bankruptcy court's website will have links to one.

As another attorney mentioned, if you are judgment proof, which it sounds like you are (unless you have garnishable wages), then you don't really NEED to file at this point, as there is no way to collect the debt against you.