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I need to file a lawsuit (tort) for libel. I'm looking for an attorney, in Dallas (metro). Preferably on a contengiency basis.

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A customer of mine (with money) in Missouri , posted a egregious and totally fabricated lie (story) on an public industry forum. I've also got him on an audio recording threatening to engage in a "smear campaign". I'm in a very niche industry, huge impact. I have an image/copy of the offense, before it was deleted by the site administrator. The statute of limitations expires May 5, 2013. Actual damages exceed $200K.

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At this late date, with about 30 days left in which to file, you're going to have a very difficult time interesting an attorney in your case on a contingency fee basis. If it's such a great case, then you shouldn't mind paying attorneys' fees. Perhaps you can interest a Dallas defamation lawyer in a partial fees-partial contingency arrangement. But as you have already figured out for yourself, time is not on your side, and furthermore, you'll need to prove that $200K damages in hard dollars. This is not an easy area of the law, but I wish you good luck!

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