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I need to file a counter claim in a divorce and respond to the complaint. my ex has been treating me very bad and wants to take

Elizabeth, NJ |

my child away from me. he has residential custody and wants to take her over sees and i dont know when i will get her back or if he will bring her back.

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Your issue is very complex. You are in the middle of a divorce, and there is a child. Both parents want custody. For one of you, child support will be an issue. Visitation is at issue. These issues are to complicated to answer in an e-mail. You need to find an attorney right away because you only have 35 days to answer the complaint and file your counterclaim. The clock starts to run on the day that you were served with the complaint.

Don't wait. Consult a lawyer!


You don't provide enough facts to really address your issue. I would like to know the age of the child, how long she has been in the residential custody of your husband, what are his reasons for wanting to relocate out of the country, what is your current parenting time schedule, do you pay child support as well as other important factors.
You need to see an attorney immediately to protect your rights and advise you as to how to proceed in your divorce case. Do not delay!!

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