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I need to extend the grace period of my J1 Visa about a month for health care problem, how can I do that ?

Davis, CA |

I'm a J1 visa holder with 2 years Assignments, my program will end in the march 15 and I will be done with my work here, so I can't extend the program, I have one more month (grace period) to stay in US, that means April 16, but I'm also pregnant and I will give birth at the end of April. To compete my departure I need to plan to travel before the end of my program otherwise I will not be allowed to travel on plane also because I'm high risk pregnancy. Also I don't want to move the last months of my pregnancy because I use to the doctor here and I don't want to change another one during this period. I need advice to stay just one more month, How can I do?

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In my opinion, you will have to file a change of status application from J-1 to B-2.

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Talk to your J visa program sponsor (the one who signed your DS-2019).

You can try for a B .. .but your reasons aren't all that 'good'.

I'll be direct ... wanting to have a baby in the US will not be looked upon favorably by the US government. You should consider going home before March.

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