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I need to domesticate an order in FL for child custody and divorce from AL

Pensacola, FL |

Is there any certain way to go about domesticating the paperwork as neither party lives in the state of AL anymore.

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If neither party lives in Alabama, and you fulfill the residency requirements in Florida, then the Florida Courts should take jurisdiction of the matter. The Florida Court will adopt the Alabama order, give it full faith and credit and a modification can take place after that. Generally, if neither party objects to the jurisdiction of the court, the court will hear the matter. It is very common for states to enforce and modify court orders from other states and really it should not be a big obstacle for you. Being licensed in Alabama and Florida, I know that this is fairly simple.

Good Luck!

Melissa L. Isaak


You should contact an attorney in the county where the order will be domesticated. In some states, this is called registration of the order. The procedure for custody is governed by the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act that has been adopted by Florida. You should obtain a certified copy of the order from the Alabama court where it was entered. Then you need to submit the order to the appropriate Florida court. Your attorney should know where that will be. There is usally a form that the clerk of the court will need to have filled out. The other party in your case needs to receive a notice of the registration and have an opportunity to object.

You may also want to discuss your expectations for having the order registered, to be certain that you are using the proper procedure to meet your expectations.


First step is to get the certified copies of the AL judgment and any post-judgment order(s). Certified copies are NOT the same as photocopies. The clerk of the court in AL has to issue the certified copies.

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