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I need to ask a question about traffic & moving violations

Rye, NY |

I recently received a ticket from a state trooper for speeding on I 684. The issue is that I pulled in behind a friend of mine that was pulled over and I got a ticket along with them.

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You don't say what he ticket is for. Officers often pull over multiple cars for speeding at the same time. I suggest you consult with a traffic court attorney in the area where you received the ticket.

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Were you traveling at the same speed limit and right behind your friend? Police will pull over more than 1 vehicle at a time. It is my experience that State Police don't negotiate a ticket, so you should contact a lawyer near where you will be going to court.
Richard Sweeney, Esq.


As long as the police officer observed you speeding as well you can be convicted. You essentialy pulled yourself over for the police. On a positive note, a skilled trial attorney can use the fact that the officer's attention was focused on your friend to discredit the officer's testimony.

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