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I need someones help I dont know what to do..

Hartford, MI |

Just turned 17 a week ago and my girlfriends parents found out we had sex,she is 14 but I never made her do anything she didnt want to was always up to her,im not blaming anything on her but im not blaming anything on myself either...they want to pree charges on me but she doesnt want them to I dont know what to do :(..they have vandelized my property by poping my car tired i know it was them beacuse I saw their car around my house.....

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You should immediately seek counsel from a criminal defense attorney; and for the time being, you should stay away from your 14 year old girlfriend.

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I agree with Alisa here. You need to stop seeing her immediately, particularly given your respective ages. Just as in any other case, the specific facts will determine the result, but you may have already exposed yourself to criminal charges. You will certainly do so if you continue a sexual relationship with this girl. In the meantime, you need to consult one-on-one with an attorney to get a better opinion.


I agree with the other attorneys. You need to stop seeing the girl, and specifically you need to stop having sex with her.

Beyond that you need to hire an attorney immediately. These charges have ramifications beyond which you can truly understand at this point - including the potential for a long period of Sex Offender Registration.

You should not speak about this case with anyone besides your eventual attorney. Hiring an attorney in this matter is not something you should wait on, either. There are many good local criminal defense attorneys in and around the Hartford area.

Best of Luck.

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You should seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This is a very serious matter and you need to deal with it as such. Furthermore, you need to respectfully end the relationship you have with this 14 year old girl. I wish you the best of luck.