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I need representation! My husband filed for divorce last month. I have proof of his abuse.

San Antonio, TX |

He was abusive verbally and twice physically to me and cant work with my sons medical specialist. I have documentation and people willing to give statements and testify on my behalf.
I have a full time job and have had to get an apartment and car within one paycheck. This left my finances in a horrible position. My husband filed this Dec 14, 2012 and just about everyone was out for the holidays.
I sent an email to the is there anything else I can do to find an attorney? I can make payments just cant hand someone 1-5k in a lump sum today.

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I am sorry you are going through this. In addition to sending email, I would advise you to call
Texas Bar Association referral services to ask for referral of an attorney who accepts payment arrangement you need and, perhaps, a reduced fee. I would also advise to see a family law practitioner as soon as possible for a consultation to find out what are your options for scheduling a motion for temporary support and custody orders because it seems there are many issues in your divorce that need addressing immediately. I hope it helps and good luck!

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I'm in Houston. Here are a few ideas --
Call the San Antonio Bar Association and see if they have a local pro bono association.
Be advised that most pro bono associations are stretched thin and that their wait lists are long.

Start calling attorneys on this website. Ignore the ranking system since many good attorneys have not "claimed" their avvo listing. Most family law attorneys accept payment plans.

Plus, if your husband controls all the assets of your marriage, your attorney can ask the judge that he be ordered to pay all or part of your attorney fees and/or get some income come into the home to help you survive during this separation period.

I only know one attorney in the San Antonio area that used to practice in Houston - Clinton Lawson. He's top-notch. Tell Clint that I sent you.


The question is whether your husband is agreeing to a divorce and property division and child custody. If not, then you may be in for a lengthy divorce, hence high attorney fees. I may be willing to work with you but it depends on what kind of payment plan you can afford and what the specific facts are in your case. Feel free to contact me regarding your situation.


You only have 20 days to file an answer before a default judgment can be filed against you; therefore, you need to file an answer immediately. An attorney in my office may be able to help you. Please call us at 210-822-2022 to see if someone call help you.
With kindest regards,
Mysti Murphy