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I need professional knowledge on a very serious case please

Virginia Beach, VA |

My brother and fiance were charged and convicted of multiple counts of robbery stemming from an illegal poker game. There was a person that knows my brother and his girl and they told the police that they did it. They were subsequently arrested and have been locked up since. This was about a year and a half ago. There was no hard evidence just the testimony of a person. We had the public defender who did nothing to assist my brother in the case. Ultimately his lawyer, her lawyer and the judged coaxed them to take an Alford Plea 5 minutes before the trial was to begin. They agreed reluctantly and were offered an 8-12.At sentencing they received 18 and 20 respectively.Families are distraught as she has 4 young children under the age of 15. Neither has been in trouble before. What can we do?

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You should contact the local bar association in the county in your state where the case was filed. It is possible that the bar association has criminal defense attorneys willing to take a case on to review it and to see if the plea can be set aside. It is critical you speak to a local lawyer soon as there may be deadlines involved to attempt to withdraw a plea. Not being from your state, I would not be able to give you specific answers but you should contact local lawyers in your area for help.

Best of luck.