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I need out of my house. The only way I can afford is to run away.

Greenville, TX |

My emotionally abuses me and every once in awhile hits me. And my dad does nothing about it. I turn 17 soon and I know about the removal of disabilities of a minor but I can't afford that because my parents won't allow me to get a job. I also know that sometimes the police won't make a 17 year old runaway go back to their parents. I want to know how likely that is and if I'm not forced home will the people I'm staying with get charged for harbor in game runaway?

Harboring a runaway* The first sentence is about my mom. I really need to proofread next time.

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You are correct in your assessment.
I am sorry you are experiencing such abuse. If you run away and the police bring you back, they know you can run away again over and over. 17 year old runaways are not a first priority with police.
Unfortunately, your host family could be charged with Harboring a runaway, if your mothers calls the police.
Have you reported the abuse to CPS so they may investigate? Have you documented via recording or-note taking the abuse? I am not sure I helped any, but also talk to a school counselor.

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