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I need legal help for past troubles? I have some pending court stuff that I have been afraid to deal with.

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Hello, my name is T. and I am requesting legal advice regarding a 10 year old case that I have. See, I used to fight alot back in the day due to a medical condition I have now that I didn't know I had back then (Bipolar Disorder) and I am new and improved today and no longer behave in that way. Basically I am trying to go to court and clear this up with out having to do any jail time, as I am deathly afraid of jail and have never done any jail time, nor am I in any way a hardened criminal. Ok, so my main question is if I provide the judge a letter stating what my mental condition is and that I am on medicines now and am improving do you think he or she will take that into consideration and allow me to avoid jail time? Your honest answer will be greatly appreciated at this time. Thank You.

I have two failure to appear warrants out because I was too afraid to return to court and want to get this resolved but am still worried and afraid.

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The only proper answer to a question about a letter to a judge is that you NEVER send a letter to a judge. A judge is not even ethically allowed to read such a letter, but if s/he did, it would most likely do you more harm than good. You do everything through an attorney, either hired or court appointed. When you have a ten year old case, you are looking at getting it dismissed due to speedy trial issues. If for some reason, you couldn't prevail on a speedy trial motion, then they are going to have proof issues - memories faded, witnesses no longer available, cops retired, etc. etc. Talk to a lawyer. Don't do anything stupid, like writing to the judge. Good luck to you.



Thank you so much. I wasn't actually going to read the letter to the judge I was going to have my attorney read it, but thanks.


Yes, the Judge will take your letter into consideration, but whether that will help you avoid jail all depends on your case and I don't have enough information to advise you further. For example, what were your charges, what is your version of the facts, why didn't you take care of theis case back then, is there a warrant for your arrest an how much is the bail?

Debra S. White, Esq.

Los Angeles Criminal Law Attorney
Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer | Warrant Recall

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You need an attorney to deal with warrants and underlying offenses. The judge will tke into consideration all evidence with respect to your health/mental issues. Get an attorney and get this behind you.

Andrew Roberts
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Get an attorney, get proof of your medical condition and get started soon!

Elliot Zarabi

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